Reviews for "DONUT GET!"

First off, I really love the graphics. i think they're really engaging and colorful. The intro sequence where you have to drive the cruiser is cool because I enjoyed the sliding camera-style, hitting pedestrians, and the handling of the car. The buildings rolling by were really convincing, too.
However, I have to say that I thought that part may have been too long. I really began to wonder if the description was a gag and this was all there was to the game.
However, once the donut-catching sequence began I have to say I was sort of disappointed after such a cool playable intro, and didn't stick around long after realizing that there probably weren't any power-ups and that this might be the whole game.

out of 10...

gfx - 10 (really engaging illustrations and animations)
sfx - 8.5 (bright sfx and good music)
design - 8 (great intro, fun concept)
gameplay - 7 (not much depth overall)

overall, a fun game that may take up about 20 minutes of the players time. Which is probably perfect for a flash game, I just would have liked to see more flexible controls and deeper gameplay mechanics.