Reviews for "Flippin' Dead"

Very fun. Reminds me of Pac Man and running from the ghosts, eating a super pellet and then eating them. Objectives system was fun and kept the game fresh.

Let me try to make sense of this: Chester Cheetah is trying to stop the forces of Hell from invading Earth? Sounds fine to me.

Really addictive game, brilliant idea, 5/5 no doubt , very impressed! I keep coming back for more :)

lol your an orange cat and theres a million zombies then you pick up a rainbow box then BERZERKER zombies turn into babys and your the zombie LOL! 5/5

i think it is a fun game that can be a bit repetitive but over all it is a great game i know base on the preivous reviews people dont like it mutch but i enjoy it it could use a little work but overall it was a well made game I give it a 4/5 :)