Reviews for "Flippin' Dead"

I'm a huge fan of JuicyBeast! I see some of his games on Andkon and other flash websites!

This game is a very well made one.However, there are the things which still aren't available but should be.And so, i.e. "The Evil Eye of Dead" could appear in other colors as well as spawn.If it happened actually then all playing experience will be more unreliable and also just more fun :)

No other disappointments because the rest parts of this game fits to it very good.I would like to see the second one based just by that what we see in this one.I hope Juicy Beast wouldn't stop making games!

BTW-Medals do work ;) They worked 3 days ago.I'm owning the proof in my profile...

The animation and art is flawless, as always. I have not found any flaws. The movement style reminds me of the binding of Issac. I find the idea interesting, bite them back!!! Keep up the great work man!

The character designs and music are very good it's an enjoyable game :) however when there are lots of zombies on screen the game lags really badly to the point the characters stop moving, i know it cant be my computer because it's fully up to date and other games smiler to this play fine. So other than the problem with the lagging it's a really fun game :D

The game is addicting, I've been sitting here for at least 3 hours playing. I can't stop. JuicyBeast, Love your games.