Reviews for "Flippin' Dead"

All games from you are so addictive and fun to play.

Kepp that sweeetness uppy!

Very fun! The thing is though, how does one defeat The Eye Of The Dead?

Fun, Very Fun. Kind Of Annoying Though. First Thing I Noticed Off The Bat Was That The "Eat Em" Thing Doesn't Last Long Enough. 2-3 Zombies Per Second And I Only Had 5 Seconds To Eat Them All. On Top Of That I Could Only "Eat Em" One Every 30 Seconds, So I Had 5 Seconds To Eat 60-90 Zombies (Exaggerating A Bit). Other Than That, Not A Bad Game. Like How It Isn't Set Up To End The Game And Make You Restart When You Get Bit Three Times, It's Just Get Bit Three Times And End That Particular Run. That's A Plus About Juicy Beast!
Kind Of Sad I Didn't Get Around To It New, But I'm Here Now, So I'll Make The Best Of It!
SuperPieReviews Gives This Game A 9.5/10. (Lowered To 9 Since I Can't Put 4.75 Stars. Freaking NG)

This game is very addictive, the visuals are nice(as expected from a JuicyBeast game), the music is good, but is kinda short. I would love to see a sequel. Good job JuiceBeast, keep it up!!

me think game was ok i guess