Reviews for "Flippin' Dead"

fun game but it gets old quickly.

Graphic wise it is very appealing and well made! Game mechanics wise, it is fun but everything can be made better with upgrades! :)

Its an okay game.

Great game as always, but admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of the trend where all your games have an "ending" but then the player is left to do nothing but achieve a high score. The fact that they can still play and don't have to start over is admittedly an improvement over a TON of other games, but it would be AMAZING - not just cool - if the next game's "survival mode" had its own ending, secrets, powerups, etc.

The fact that Knightmare Tower had its own quests and art was a good thing, but what if it had its own bosses, music, alternate character/backgrounds, etc.? I know that may be asking a lot, and I don't know if the money behind flash games justifies spending -that much extra time- adding things to them, but it's a shame to see such excellent games fall ever-so-slightly-short of perfection and long-term fanboyism.

ok game i guess..