Reviews for "Flippin' Dead"

This game is entirely to addictive and challenging. I have work in the morning!

OK,I know that yout goal was to make zombies untouchable unless the player is in Rainbow World but u should give that little fox some way to defend himself(I would often find myself in a situation where I 'm surrounded by all sides and with no rainbow crate,or chance for escape).Something like a stun gun or a Freeze gun or...well I dunno but u get me.The game has some nice graphics and sound but u should add a way to reduce overall graphics quality on your future game because they(the games) don't run very well on slower computers.This is not one of the your best on my list because of the problem listed up but still deserves that 2nd place :)

JuicyBeast responds:

Completing the objectives will award you with some power-ups that will help you to defend yourself against the zombies, such as frosted crates that freeze everything around it when it explode and much more :] !

You know, you kept me playing a lot longer than I thought I would! Even your smaller games have good design; I've never seen anyone make something like this that actually lasts longer than half a play through.

It didn't run very well on my computer, though. Your last few games haven't.

Enjoyable game for a while but the fact that the limited upgrade system drags you to unnecessary long waves also unable to attack at will makes the game less interesting.
My advices are:
-make a system to charge special attacks, either by crates, time, kills or what makes you happier.
-after you complete a challenge why not give us the next one right away.

I still liked the art and music so for that some stars

keep up the good work

wish u could buy upgrades after you lose