Reviews for "Flippin' Dead"

A good game but a very boring game but after a while the game gets stale its the same thing play game get quests complete quest which i know your other hit games like knightmare tower and your bision games are based on but this game just runs at such a slow pace just to get to the rainbow world and be like :D then be like 7 seconds later :| its just advoiding zombies that also run slow and after you get the quests done theres no point but killing yourself unless you wanna to try and go for the get 5000 points (which im assuming is a slow journey of boringness but im sorry juicybeast but from the games i have played of yours its the worst one :(

While it is a good game, one flaw is the points system. Yes, some challenges do require acquire a certain amount of points, they are, for the most of the game, pointless (ha ha). I know that you would hesitate to make it too similar to your last game where the player received money instead of points depending on how far they went, and I would agree with you. Perhaps giving certain point goals, such as maybe requiring the player to reach a certain score threshold in order to unlock the next tier of challenges? Or administering the next challenge as soon as the previous one is completed? As it stands now, I see no point in not killing my character as soon as each set of challenges are completed, as there is no way I could get as far as possible without the later box unlocks, so at least something to change that would be appreciated in the next game in a similar vein to this?

JuicyBeast games are always top-notch! I loved playing the "Burrito Bison" series and "Knightmare Tower" game. "Flippin' Dead" is not an exception as I love playing this one as much as I did your previous entries. The only thing I couldn't figure out how to do yet is to kill the "Evil Eye of the Dead" but I'm sure I'll figure it out as I only recently encountered it. Keep making games like the ones aforementioned and I'll keep coming back for more!

I like it... Tempted to compare it with Pac-Man but I won't! Not a great deal of space to run around but I guess this is what makes it more exciting when the screen starts filling up and then you're thinking "Craps, I could really use a rainbow right now." Dashing into (and eating) large headed, moustachio'd zombies is satisfying indeedy.

It was very fun to start out with, but quickly got repetitive. Great concept though!