Reviews for "Takeover"

Don't know why but it keeps crashing, I can't even get to play the first level

I had fun playing this RTS but it was,in my personal opinion,too slow. I've played it fully in speed mode...
Great game,anyway :D

I thought this was a great game. Rather addictive. I agree with many of the comments that the game is too short and warrants an expansion (map pack?) or sequel. 8 campaign battles was too easy. Even though some people thought the game was broken with some teams more than others, I think that each faction was able to roll by the time I was at level 9. The horde i just gathered up steam and snowballed my opponents. Westaria I beat them into submission and the heal banners and avatar made it easy. Iceland I loved having the ability to get massive bonuses for my buildings. Made my economy dominate.

Wow, I just finished the game wishing there had been more levels. Those giantbots are the sickest units in the game - freaking war machines. GO ICEDALE CULT GO! Pity to see the horde getting just a tiny bit of the land at the end of the story. Serves them right for practicing necromancy.

Nice game, the graphics are good and the characters to.

To bad you didnt make use of the full potential this game has.
There are a number of things that would make it have a much higher replay value:
- More maps, i suggest a mappack additional to the campaign maps.
- Bigger maps/Bigger armies, the levels are quickly over because 1 unit can make al the difference.
Also making the map bigger makes it obviously more like having armies instead of 3-4 troops.
- Mapmaker, to have other people solve this problems for you.
- Arena maps, 4 player maps, more balance in troops (horsies rule) and if you ever turn this into a online game have more upgrades for troops and more buildsites or upgradable buildsites.

Thats all hope u make a second version, because it only needs to be bigger and badder!