Reviews for "Oppa Gangnam Red Carpet"

op-op-op-op-op opakanamnstyle

Well good job on making a full size version on a banner game I guess.
The gameplay is boring so 1/5
The song is annoying and repetitive 1/5
Mandatory upgrade system I guess. Which doesn't really justify anything seeing as you have an inane amount of upgrades. For only four things? You want replay-ability? Make a better game instead of just sucking of a damn internet meme for chuckles and fame.
This has little to no originality. And to recant my first point, you made an advertisement banner game "PICK UP CD WIN IPOD".
Also plural.
"Trade CD for upgrade!"
Are you trying to sound like a bootlegger on the side of China town?
Try again.
-No originality
-Boring gameplay
-Basically a banner game full sized.
+At least its kind of pretty?

115!! beat that! :D

Very simple and addictive game here. It would have actually been easier to not dump any points into Oppa Speed, as it makes it more difficult to pick up the cds. Nice game!

It is too repetitive: you just dance oppa gangnam style around picking up CDs. The background could also change periodically.
On the bright side, it becomes really fun and addictive after you upgrade, especially when trying to control the gangnam dash.

Terribly pointless. Takes a pop song and converts it to a game, where all you do is walk back and forth collecting cd's to engage in a poorly executed RPG upgrade element. The shallowness is too apparent for the game to engage you to collect hundreds of cd's to fully upgrade the Gangnam dude. Try again.