Reviews for "Oppa Gangnam Red Carpet"

It's a fun game though repetitive after awhile....

Oppa gangnam STyle!!!!!
very funny looking him collect all CD on the floor

its just about gangnam style, and very funny, collecting CD is more than enough!!!
happy platinum award man, congrat PSY, I love you

good game but it but it gets boring quickly. I still love this song no matter how much i hear it tho:)

This game obviously ignited either passion or rejection, so I figured I must try this game out to clear out the line and give it a fair judgement. Here's what I found:

The art is rather easy on the eyes, similar to Bush Shoot-Out (also another Figure Person game), with real pictures - of photographers holding their cameras - photoshopped into the background.

The background music, and only background music!, is - as we all know it - the Oppa Gangnam Style song, from PSY. There are SFX too; when you pick up the Compact Discs and buy upgrades in the 'Gangnam Shop'. Though I'd say these are nothing fancy at all. The BGM is just a continuous and torturous loop that will never end so long as you have the game going on. Buuut if you're fanatic about this fad song then you won't be able to stop yourself from this game - just like that NyanCat fever game.

You move your PSY sprite with the arrow keys, (up/down/left/right) to move and the spacebar to move next when the comic intro is shown at the beginning of the game. Aside from that, you'll need your mouse to click the upgrades while in the shop. Fairly basic stuff.

The gameplay has not much replay value unless you're keen to collect all the upgrades available, then score your way up in the high-score list.

I see the game as a fan tribute item, so there's not much to wow over. It has no plot whatsoever (well, there is: people ignored you while you threw the discs in the air and now you're picking it all up while on camera).

Art: 3.5 stars
Sound: 1.5 stars / 4.5 stars [hater of song versus lover of song rating]
Controls: 4 stars
Gameplay: 2 stars / 4 stars [mini-game avoiders / mini-game fans]
Plot: 1 star
Overall: 2.5 stars or 3.5 stars
Final Average: 3 stars

P.S.: The Author Comments should get a tweaking.