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Reviews for "Booby traps"

awesome ut i wish you had experience and not just kill kill kil kill even though id enjoy a nice killing game

I cannay play. After the cutscene I get stuck to a red 'Needs preloader' warning. =/

Cool game!

At first this game looks great, BUT :3, when playing the game it is actualy pretty boring, now wait a sec, BECAUSE the player has no choice at all.
We the gamers are actualy not playing a game for there arent any choices to make, the only thing we can do is place about 6 traps in permanent places.
If you the designers could make the map a little grander... free space to play with so to say it would be way cooler.
just make it possible to upgrade the turrets?
make it possible for the gamer to actualy choose something, that would be awesome.
This is not to poo on you or something, its just a good start, just saying what I THINK could be better.

Nice game, and now some feedback.
Well i did like the use of timing cool-downs in the traps i disliked having no option of placement of traps.
Without the player having the control of where the traps are placed, a major part of this game is incomplete. If there was placement option a player would feel the need to do a level over in order to find the optimal placement. Even if there was a preplanned best area to place a trap having the player find it themselves could add another layer to this.
In short its a good game but it could be better.