Reviews for "I'm the god damn SUN."

im the dam sun kneel or die worlds


A really catchy game, I didnt figure to shoot until it ended unfortunatley.

I like it! I see a lot of potentiol in it

Pretty cool idea, I like how it displays stats at the end ("x million lifeforms killed"), I also really like the trail effects on the sun. Could have used more detailed instructions and a tighter handle on the sun itself in terms of controls. Also, the delay on the laser seems a bit long. One cool thing I like is that you disabled the right-click menu in order to use it as the "fire" button, which is something I personally have never seen anyone do. Would actually love it if you could PM me with more details on that.

out of 10...
gfx - 6 (cool sun trail effects, poor background)
sfx - 5 (fairly bland, could have used music)
design - 7 (interesting concept, incredible filesize)
gameplay - 6 (loose controls, not great depth of content)

overall, I think it is difficult to judge this fairly because it was made for the 48-hour contest. I suppose that under those circumstances, this is actually quite a good game.