Reviews for "I'm the god damn SUN."


BEST TITLE EVER! F#ck life, I'm the god damn SUN. Damn right.

It really needs to allow you to see the tutorial even after you've played. I couldn't figure out how to shoot lasers and had to refresh the game to see the tutorial - and then it was something I never expected. I didn't even know that was an option, to make it react to a right click. More flash game authors should do that! The right button is almost never involved, the only time until now I have seen it involved was where I right click and then choose something that's there sneakily in a dropdown menu. And when there are multiple inputs, it's invariably some intolerable thing like the x key and the z key and the shift key and it's only worse if I'm also constrained to using the asdw keys for direction instead of the frigging arrow keys, but not THIS game. This game is just left click, right click, accelerate in this direction, shoot in this direction, move the cursor by moving the mouse. Ah, this game would be REALLY fun if I was not stuck using a touchpad. I also feel it needs to be possible to extend the game a little more easily. Destroying planets should restore your health a little more than it does maybe. Or perhaps they restore your health more at the beginning of the game, but the longer you play, the less the amount of restoration they give you, so that how long you last really strongly correlates with how good you are at it.

Not bad (at all) , i see that there's maybe a great future in this game , i think these things need to be Improbed / fixed or Added for a greater game:
-Better graphics
-Better controls
-Not the same background always
-Different Planets
-Pause , mute buttons
-Maybe some upradges
-Maybe some NpCs
-Maybe some quests/missions
If you put time on those things you will possible have one of the best games evar

I like it! I see a lot of potentiol in it

I see a lot of potential here. work on tweaking the details and you have a solid game.