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Reviews for "RcR-Snitches get stitches"

Here's the thing... Good sprite movie. Nice music and sound effects. BUT (and that's a big one) there were times when it just slowed down, I couldn't tell what was going on. Make sure everything plays smoothly as it should be next time, and I would see 5 stars with your name on it.

World Cup Soccer Sprites! I remember that game.

As good as this was it sucked when it start freezing right at the slow motion scenes and I know for a fact you didn't render this properly or after you added the slow motion. This is the first time a video with slow motion scenes on Newgrounds has ever frozen my browser....The last review was pretty much the same thing I was thinking.

I love the game and the beginning of it was awesome. If this is on your youTube page then hopefully I can watch it there without being lag locked for almost the second half and listen to what I guess was more fighting.

rebaz responds:

pm'd you sexy.

Good for the most part but it got choppy about halfway

If I could have seen what was going on I might have liked it.

rebaz responds:

Get a faster computer, or check it out on youtube, there its a .avi, enjoy.