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Reviews for "RcR-Snitches get stitches"

World Cup Soccer Sprites! I remember that game.

Been a while since I saw such an awesome sprite movie. The first fight scene worked perfect with the music :D make more please

I am so excited to have you back animating again! I really enjoyed your Be Sprited collabs and DD Advance Flash. The fight scene choreography for this flash was great. If you are ever looking for a helping hand our planning on starting up another collab message me. Good luck on your future projects!

Didn't disappoint. Pretty much got what I was expecting knowing it was a river city ransom sprite animation. I liked it. The voice work was really good (aside from some very minor static). Good Sprite work. Played fine on my computer.

Here's the thing... Good sprite movie. Nice music and sound effects. BUT (and that's a big one) there were times when it just slowed down, I couldn't tell what was going on. Make sure everything plays smoothly as it should be next time, and I would see 5 stars with your name on it.