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Reviews for "RcR-Snitches get stitches"

Great video rebaz i really enjoyed this.

pretty awesome, but why is the file size so big?? a good chunk of these graphics should have just been bitmaps, no? doesn't really make sense why it ended up at almost 40mb... aside from the wait before watching, was fine.

People seems to enjoyed it, good.
But your File info is around 36.5mb
Recommendation to minimize the file,
or else it's not worth to watch your video.

rebaz responds:

well, yolo.

So you didn't watch the vid, but you left a review anyway? I have a better 'reccomendation' for you. How about you move out of your mother's basement and get some decent internet? No even better. Why don't you stop writing shit reviews that aren't worth reading?

One of the better fighting animations I've seen in a while.

yay and they lived happyly ever after :D