Reviews for "Locked Door"

very fun and challenging. Way to go!!


i got spooked when jason popped up but after a while he became my friend, the music was
not annoying the puzzles where not to hard but a few i got stumped on but other then that this game is good for how old it is

Suprisingly easy for me, but I think it's just cz I've been binge playing the last 2 days and I may be starting to think more logically. (thank you for that)
Good music, this is the 5th time I've not had to turn down the volumed.
Loved the phone and was excited to see the skull, I think that is why was 9min fo finish, because I've seen some of these same elements.
Truely forever,
Your Game Stalker

This is incredibly well made and loads of fun! My only complaint is that it may be a little too hard to guess some of the puzzles, and too easy for others- a little balance would be nice.