Reviews for "The WTF Game Experience"

voinenko linkata tän parille sivustolle?

Well that was just disapointing.

Here I thought this would be some kinda Wario Ware like game with a lot of potential but instead I get some shitty 9gag meme filled to the brim with unfunnyness. Ontop of that the game seems rigged to. Took forever for me to even pass the first level.

Sorry but you won't be getting any brownie points today guys

Absolutely no original thought is present in this game whatsoever. The gameplay itself has been done to hell and back, and done better than this in the past. The presentation was filled with jokes that have long overstayed their welcome and aren't funny at all anymore, some of them weren't funny years ago when they first surfaced. The music was godawful, and the graphics looked like they were done in photoshop by someone who has never used it before. The game seems to rely on "lol memes" as an excuse for a game that isn't fun or interesting at all. I give it a .5 for the sheer fact that the game plays at all. In the future, I would suggest you find a non-repetitive music track for your game, draw your own art instead of using memes and google image photos doctored in photoshop, and using humor that isn't clearly pandering to 12 year olds.

:l Wut.

Crazy Machines the budget edition.