Reviews for "The WTF Game Experience"

I like level complete(boobs) part

Chuck used round-kick.. critical hit.. it's super efective.. Justin Beaver died!

The Incredible(y stupid) Machine :-))
Frankly I hated it that the power bar went back and forth and I had to click at the right moment, I have enough trouble aiming when power is based on the distance of the mouse cursor... and it took me a little while to realize that the bar starts moving a bit *after* it appears. Frustration potential - dangerously high.
Other than the gameplay complaints, this was awesome! Great silly machines for the all-important cause of drinking beer, funny pics embedded and silly videos. The last video BTW was just hilarious!!! And cleavage ain't bad either...

Any idea why I can't play on Newgrounds? Had to play on another site but anyway, its awesome, and funny and random, the perfect combination.

My cat was a beer :P