Reviews for "Draggin' Brawl Zzz"

Most of it accurate, aside perharps for Vegeta....Oh wait, I get it now! He indeed did that gainst Freezer, Cell and even Buu, where he could have ended the fight right there but instead made it drag on just for the fun of it.
Besides, I was going to give you a 5 stars, anyway, just because of the most clever pun I've ever heard with the name.

vegeta sounds like the vegeta from Gonzossam.

P.S Pam was always hot.

nalem responds:

Haha, that's because Ricepirate DID voice both Vegetas!

And that's not Pan, that's Videl. Pan's Gohan's daughter! Ew, incest! lol

LOL that was funny!

LMAO deus ex machima ftw

"We Missed!" - lmfao