Reviews for "Draggin' Brawl Zzz"

Yeah, this is pretty much how every episode felt. Does the pretty girl ever learn to fly? Does Goku get a janitor to help him? Does Vegeta ever get the stick out of his backside? Find out... in thirty-six episodes!

(On a side note, good taste in tense pre-battle music. I used the same piece in the commercial for my book.)

The sad thing is, that was barely even a parody.

AWSOME ANIMATION..................Although the earth die :p

Thought it was kinda lame, until Deus Ex Machina. Both the pun and the abruptness of it.

I fell over laughing. Thank you for that.

loved it, lol it wass really funny keep it up haha :D i loved the comedy and that it is actually a pretty accurate depiction of the characters