Reviews for "Draggin' Brawl Zzz"

Darn it we missed! lol nice short!

As someone who was a fan of DBZ since I was around 6, I find this extremely true.
Vegeta saying he can do something but he can't, Piccolos monologues, and Gohan progressively becoming dumber as time goes on.
I was dying at the "DEUS EX MACHINAAA"

this aint gonna help much but.....
AMAzING (except for krillins overpowered blast that bitch is weak as....Butter "wait thats soft LIEK UR DIK.....hahAhahahHAHAHA" anywho yes amazing make more and get the bitches if you know what I mean

Lol that was really funny flash, keep it up with the good work

omg hilarious keep it up! u should make more