Reviews for "Draggin' Brawl Zzz"

loved it. effing funny like watching Mr.Bean and Steve Martin and Joe Peshy in a comedy if it were ever true to happen... a man can dream!

vegeta sounds like the vegeta from Gonzossam.

P.S Pam was always hot.

nalem responds:

Haha, that's because Ricepirate DID voice both Vegetas!

And that's not Pan, that's Videl. Pan's Gohan's daughter! Ew, incest! lol

Eugh, people pointing out the sameyness of the DBZ storylines has been done to death.

I'm sure that the storylines only feel repetitive, since we've been watching similar movies making the same parody jokes for the past 10 years.

nalem responds:

And I'm sure displeased viewers have made this same comment for that long too, eh, mate? ;)

Dragon Ball Z in a nutshell alright. :)

true story