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Reviews for "Pumpkin Stop Motion"

That was absolutely amazing.
i was honestly not expecting that, I first thought this was a full motion video of you carving something.
But I was blown away with what you actually did.
To actually make a stop motion, out of carvings from multiple pumpkins is incredible.

I am voting for this for the monthly contest, and even gonna put this in my signature for a while.

this guy probally spent days on this. its awesome.

Amazing work, and an amazing amount of work. This is a tremendously clever idea, and props to you for following it through to the end. Solidly -- or hollowly -- great!

A very simple yet clever idea. I bet it took alot of work though, so even thought its not really jaw dropping eye candy I'am giving it 5 stars for effort and creativity.

I must know how many pumpkins were used in the making of this film. I hope they went to a good use afterwards.

Is this an animation trick or was each frame actually carved into a pumpkin? Either way good job.