Reviews for "Apartment 51 - Episode 1"

awsome, can't wait to see more :)

Hey guys, a new cartoon hit front page! Wait, don't I remember that happening before? Nah we never get cartoons on the front page anymore.

A serious blast from Newgrounds past! I remember catching this series in its original run. Great episode though, very funny, and tons of in jokes for old fans. That being said, I really dont see why a reboot is necessary at all. The art style hasnt changed very much (dont take that as an insult) and it's not really a new take on the original. It would make more sense to call it season 2 or something. Meh, small gripes. Welcome back.

i liked the original artwork alot better, i attribute this to pure laziness! that being said....good job man!

NICE! When do we get to see more?