Reviews for "Monster Saga"

Interesting game... but it takes an extremely long time to really do much.

I have sme proposition for the game
-it would B cool if we could mke different group of monsters.
-you should add multiplayer mode among newgrounders.
-add some more monsters.
-and lastly put some minigame :)

4 maxed out Blazerns = You can't lose... Whatever happens, you simply can't lose...

It was interesting at first, but as soon as I got my hands on my first maxed Blazern, that was it. I couldnt be defeated even when I just mindlessly strolled through all the missions (98% of wining percentage... come on).

Fun at first, but once you get the trick, it's just watching the screen and waiting.

Im on my 3rd playthrough

i beat the game! fuck ya