Reviews for "Monster Saga"

Wow. This is one of my most favorite games, it's amazing that this game is only 11.88 MB. It's not very lagy, but after I beat the game, the screen went black, you should fix that. PLEASE make a Monster Saga 2! Really fluent animation. Would be a 10/10 stars if they went that high. AWESOME GAME!!! : )

I like this a lot! A little repetitive, but fun. :3

this game is awesome I think this needs a sequel and I know a new addition to the game: fork path evolving. this this makes it so that the monsters it self will have a better reason to catch the same monster. if you (artlogicgames) own the game, put this in. I`m not begging you to. but still great game

I did it with 94%

game was great, i beat almost whole game(with93%) and reached the end of the story, but only 1 time, maybe i will find a time to beat it second time and get rest of the stuff. my fave pets are wolves and dragons, i like especially your howler :D ty for that i could find these pets in your game ;p graphics and sound was good also ;) i like that genre what game was made in ^^ think about releasing part 2 ^^ i would love to play it if you will make it :D in game i think would be great adding more transformations i just love to see how my pets evolving to sth greater and stronger, adoring it's new appearance ^^