Reviews for "Monster Saga"

Too Slow In Loading This Game But Tis Game Is CooL....
I Mean Eventually CooL

too easy

meh this game is fun...but i'll give this 4/5 because i dont think anybody needs a really really big tutorial like this one i like this game but i know how to play from the begining...

The game is wonderful, idea is briliant, monsters are cute but the only two problems are: it doesn't have many missions, both main and side missions, and not many monsters, this game deserves much more of those furballs. If that is added i think this game would be perfect...

Decent enough. The user interface could use some work. So could the writing (aside from english issues, the comic book cutscenes have too much writing - keep it simple!). And many aspects of the game (training, farm upgrades, the real time aspect) were completely superfluous.

And unlike the latest epic war games, there doesn't seem to be much strategy required. 1 melee monster backed up by 3 magic/range monsters works in basically all the missions (and if it doesn't, a few training sessions will fix that). I hope this isn't the direction you are going with the next Epic War!