Reviews for "Monster Saga"

Good idea for a game. Nonetheless, more thought could have been spent on character design, and naming.

While it is very entertaining, I had some kind of glitch where I couldn't get all my monsters out of the unit, and if I tried to add another in it would get rid of the last person I just put on the team.

Long story short, I lost a Blazern named Rocky.
And a thing about the Blazerns. Their right hand is just a blown up version of their left hand? Really? That is rather lazy, in my opinion.

Other than that, great game.

They all look like poke'mans
oh and Ownercoolgames, you're an idiot because super smash flash is already on newgrounds ._.

fun as fuck

Too Slow In Loading This Game But Tis Game Is CooL....
I Mean Eventually CooL