Reviews for "Monster Saga"

That was highly entertaining.

Good game. It's just that I don't know how the Bravion with the Pan Pao in the sky is that strong even when they're level one. Also, I hate the lack of places to visit. It gets pretty much repetitive. The number of monsters lack too. This somehow reminds me of Monster Galaxy on Facebook. Anyways, 4 and a half stars.

how do you save the heck

whats so cool about this ???

I have played this game for about 3 hours, and it is the time to write the review.

Overall, the game is quite good. You managed to keep me addicted. The evolutions and training kept me on the game for quite awhile.

However, you might need to test this game more. Range/magic monsters are way more powerful than melee ones. I had two magic monsters (dragon and mermaid) and two melee (eagle and grim reaper). The monsters' levels and stats were all maxed out, however I found that the melee monsters die much faster and deal less damage than the magic monsters of mine.

The advertisements popping up were a nuisance too, often blocking buttons and messages.

I personally think this is a great game, and with some minor improvements, deserves 5 stars. Way to go!