Reviews for "Monster Saga"

(begin sarcastic voice) yeah because this game is nothing like pokemon (end sarcastic voice) but there are some main diffrences, like the battle style and such so it was still an okay game i give it four stars

Great game .... it really is simple and fun and i have some kind of Deja vu when I played ( yeah this is totaly like Pokemon ) but still fun and good to pass time ....

Add a boy optshin.

not a bad game once you get through the tutorials, and hey.... you never go wrong with monkeys throwing bananas!!

Really Easy game. to little use of meat. because of this i have about 50,000 food being wasted. i don't find this game addictive at all. it doesn't deserve the front page. i really hate the annoying glitches and the automatic camera feature. leveling up should happen during battles and not using candy.

If you find this OFFENSIVE, i am really sorry. it's just that i find this game easy.