Reviews for "Monster Saga"

Tries to be Pokemon, but ultimately falls short.

There's nothing wrong with being a Pokemon clone, it was (and still is) a great, well designed, and above all addictive game. Unfortunately this game brings nothing new to the table. It also is incredibly easy. I never have trouble getting any creature I want from search. Everything just takes some time, but there is no challenge to it whatsoever. This game needs some serious balancing to not make you just rich in everything by the mid-game. There are not even interesting achievements.

One play-through is more than enough and I don't need to replay it.

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how do you evolve?!

This game was a little fun... but having an add after every fight killed it for me. Only got about 3 fights in before I decided it's a waste of time to sit through 10 seconds of fighting and 20 seconds of advertisement. You let your greed ruin the game.

This game was pretty fun, but the repetitiveness of it finally got me at the end.