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Reviews for "Siegius Arena"

oh my god this game is so good guys play this game and win all arenas this game is so cool!!!

Excellent game, I'd have given it 5 stars if the combat was a little deeper.

No need to review it,the battle arena theme pumps me up everytime time i play this game.4.5 stars
Good work fellows :)

An excellent game; pleasantly challenging and a slight bit tactical in equipment selection so you can favor this element or that. I did feel heavily nudged towards the sword&shield sometimes, but that's just because I sucked, not because the controls are bad (they're not).

There are only 2 real negative points, however:
-The "Quake" spells are easily the best compared to the others. The lightning spells are good, but don't do enough to makes them worth it (adding a stun mechanic might fix that). The meteor spells are flat-out useless because they just land randomly somewhere on the screen, resulting in them missing more often than causing damage; thus, I never used it.
-The charge-attack of shield-wielding enemies is a bit overpowered. They can begin it at practically any time, sometimes while I'm hitting them with chain quick-attacks, and will land several hits on me just by passing through me, taking a good 20%-30% of my health as they go. The only way to stop this attack is to kill them, but I can't do that without taking at least a few hits. It makes them the most dangerous mobs in the game, even more deadly than bosses, and kind-of force you into using the sword&shield with potions so you can survive the rounds. It's a nice way to prevent the player from fixating on just one weapon style, but these mobs are still a slight too strong in my opinion.

Aside from those two points, like I said, an excellent game overall and I love it. Keep up the great work.

I found the controls to be a bit frustrating at times. I found myself screaming "turn around damn you!" at the screen more times than I can count. Aside from that; this game is a good time killer.