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Reviews for "Siegius Arena"

this, was my childhood.

i spent about 4 hours on this game reminds me of swords and sandals, nice game and did not know it automatically saved which was great, i love it. i wished i could make games like this 😭

This has to be one of my first flash games ever, I remember loving it and playing it all the time as a kid when I didn't completely know what I was doing but the game was simple enough to where a 5-year-old could play and still have fun murdering the other gladiators. The mechanics were awesome and the soundtracks are fun along with the character design. Has to be a golden game from the peak of flash games.

So the reason why our blood tastes like copper is because we have coins inside of us?

Haven't played enough of this to give it a proper score, but it's very good. Gladiator battles are pretty fun and the art style of the original is present, so that's cool.