Reviews for "The Visit"

This is a great and funny game!
Some of the endings are HILARIOUS, like the one in which you kill the judge by jumping on him.
Keep it up!
In the jail room, the toilet was bigger than THE PERSON. What kind of sick, twisted jail is that!?
Oh, and by the way, it took me 53 times ( And Counting ) To get to the girlfriend's house without murdering a crab. The last one keeps getting me!
That's all. good job.

molkman responds:

For the last one, don't try to jump over it, but rather let yourself slip into the pit when it's not there. It won't hurt you and it won't get killed if you walk past it.

you get remorse by jumping in a crab and pressing 1 wait until you are free and then go to the memorial apologize and then to the house of the girlfriend

guys how to get the remorse medal?

oh come on not loading

Short...But AWESOME