Reviews for "The Visit"

My favorite thing to do is apologize and then break the monument~ Because I am a great person

very good game,i win on the first try!!!

I was so surprised when I jumped on the crab, here's 5 stars :D.

this was great i want more like this

Actually I most prefer the ending where the cat consoles him, "the cat end". I frankly like that cat more than the girl, I think the cat is judgmental just the right amount, those frigging crabs were trying so hard to get underfoot, they WERE asking for it and totally deserved it. Not to mention the cat just slaps him if he destroys the monument, while the girl throws him through a 2nd floor window. If you aren't RAINING tears when you see the bitch she throws him out a 2nd floor window? That's way more malicious than accidentally killing something that had it coming. Yeah, especially since its so easy to destroy those crabs' stupid monument accidentally as well, and it is too damn fragile, it's just like they themselves are. Though there ought to be a "fast forward" button when he's waiting in the jail. Maybe if I had to sit through it once that'd be ok, but 3 times? Too annoying. I mean, I get that this game is all about atmosphere and a statement and not so much a game like Lucky Tower was, but even a good run-on joke has its limits. And that's coming in here already knowing exactly what the endings are and how to get them already, if I didn't know there were 3 I may have to do it many times more than that. But it's good to see that there weren't any endings that I missed before when I played it on armorgames, I see there are 6 medals total. Also, I don't like how after you press down to apologize at the monument, it then doesn't react to the left or right buttons for a several seconds, but the up button will still make him jump and destroy it accidentally. It's leading the player into doing that accidentally too much.