Reviews for "The Visit"

I love this game, it's brilliant!!!! ♥

It seems like such a waste of chekov's gun there, to have the mailbox and trashcan there. Because smashing my own mailbox and trashcan doesn't affect any of the endings. It should at least tell me I'm not a great guy if I do that if I do the regular no-kill ending, or something.

This is basically a troll of a game. That's its point. The damn crabs DID deserve to die, every single one of them, they hang around in precarious locations where someone is bound to land on them (like the one in the pit near the end) and they don't even stay put so that they're easy to avoid. And the public's reaction to it, it's kind of like that silly "game" with the flying kitten cutout that saves elvis and marilyn monroe but then you try to save the twin towers, they explode in paper cutout flames and the game declares the player a terrorist. And not just how much the crabs are asking for it; the same thing when you get to the monument where you're supposed to possibly apologize. For like 5 seconds, it is NONRESPONSIVE to the left or right buttons, but it sure as hell is RESPONSIVE to the UP button. And if you hit the up button just once during that 5 seconds, for the reason that oh, I don't know, the left and right buttons are nonresponsive, what happens? You jump up and smash the monument. The crabs deserve to be smashed and the monument deserves to be smashed, plain and simple. So the cat should have been slightly more forgiving to be just the right amount of understanding. What a bitch he has for a girlfriend though. I like killing the judge. Damn that guy's got some skills though. All he has to do is land on anyone or anything and it's instakill and instasmash. Land on an enormous monster crab from any height? Shriveled and smashed into a crackled husk. Land on the big burly judge? Dead instantly. Jump 2 feet into the air and land on a stone monument? CRUSHED! What, does the guy weigh 20 tons or something? And how did he escaped from that law enforcement if he jumps out the window of the courthouse if they were all on his ass in 2 seconds as soon as he accidentally kills a crab, any crab, at any time? Something is amiss. Time to destroy the world, ha ha ha haaaa!

But still, a unique and awesome little art game.

It was hilarious the first time because I thought you had to kill the crabs and then the police shows up. And when I apologized I tried to go away and jumped up and broke the monument. Great game.

I only realized what this is all about after stepping on the first crab... which I first did because I thought they kill you (like Mario). This was brilliant, totally loved it :D

This game's great.The choose of paths is infinite.Good job molkman and majus.