Reviews for "The Visit"

Short, but really well done. Some good work here. Fun and simple.

good game
toget the first one you have to complete the game by getting to her house without killing anyone
toget the second one kill a person choose 2 in the court and then break the memorial by jumping on it
toget the third one kill the judge by getting out of the stall the jumping on the light then jumping on him
toget the fourth one jump out of the stall then jumping out of the court through the right
toget the fifth one kill somebody then chose 1 and then apoligize to the memorial the go to her home
to get the sixth one kill a person choose 2 and then go to her home

cool but had to open 6 tabs to defeat it lol

molkman responds:

Huh, why is that?

I've enjoyed, thought I was goin' to play like in Mario's platform, first impression I got was: dude what the heck?

Loved it, the game is short but getting all the medals require some thinking.

molkman responds: