Reviews for "The Visit"

great game i like the easter egg that goes with 2 achievements you can run from the judge or kill him after he finnished his dialogue DO NOT PRESS 1 OR 2 OR IT WILL NOW WORK

The game is great and the endings are great , but i can't get the first and the second achievment that's why it's half a star

Oh God, I laughed by ass off at the optional scenes in the court.

Anyways, Great work, I must say. Despite seeming like the type of linear game I'd only find myself replaying once, then forgetting about entirely, I was met with a pleasant surprise when I discovered (what feels like) a array of endings to achieve.

Oh, and like others have said, the jail is a bit long, but I can see where you were coming from with it.

Overall, a hilarious, depressing and cute experience. I'd love to see a sequel sometime.

Make the visit part 2 where you not to kill more crabs and reach to a neighbor to victory! Plus the ending medals where not secret medals just the normal 1. and the medal with 100 points is the SECRET MEDAL. Be a gr8 lady & man as you can!

It is possible to jump over the crabs i did it. And good game. A job well done. :)