Reviews for "Faces of 2012"

Made by TOM so what do you expect?

Excellent work Tom.

But where is WillieD?

TomFulp responds:

OMG this does need to be addressed.

This is a very good idea! I really liked the study mode. It made me find so many great submissions I missed!

And that's why I like Tom Fulp's game alongside with good artists like Lilg or Utah: simple game, yet perfect realization.

eh, apparently one of the entries was removed by author (bottom row, "the dude that shoots lasers")...

it's weird that I already knew more than half of these toons, and yet, it took me a while to have 100%.
I guess some descriptions are purposely misleading, to make the challenge more interesting.

anyway, I really love it (even if half of the entries probably didn't deserve being featured), because it gets me in teh nostalgic mode, to the point of me needing tissues. it's only 3 years since it was submitted, and yet it feels like it was decades. How come the time flies by so quickly?