Reviews for "Faces of 2012"

This is a good game to learn about the best content of a year in past. I would really like if there were quizzes of such format for each year after 2012.

I am only giving 4 stars because I think this has too much emphasis on animation and too little emphasis on games. The game characters were something like 1/5th of the total. My interest in this portal is mainly games and animation for me is just something to watch when taking a break from playing to drink tea.

So many wrongs!

By the way cool game.

eh, apparently one of the entries was removed by author (bottom row, "the dude that shoots lasers")...

it's weird that I already knew more than half of these toons, and yet, it took me a while to have 100%.
I guess some descriptions are purposely misleading, to make the challenge more interesting.

anyway, I really love it (even if half of the entries probably didn't deserve being featured), because it gets me in teh nostalgic mode, to the point of me needing tissues. it's only 3 years since it was submitted, and yet it feels like it was decades. How come the time flies by so quickly?


Would've been nicer if the names of the faces would pop-up on hovering, in study mode... The slow panning and the ultra zoomed-in viewing area, make getting through 70-some faces, quite a chore :|