Reviews for "Faces of 2012"

This put me in my place! 33% was the best I could do...

Phew! I've been a big Newgrounds guy for almost 10 years

And there are A LOT of characters I still don't know much about. Always seems to be a different generation every time someone desides to throw one of these collages together so that's why. It's crazy to keep track of everyone hahaaa.

Regardless I liked this tribute a lot and hopefully I'll get a calender for this!

32% There's a few in there that no NG fan should get wrong.

Good game, really simple concept executed brilliantly.

Was fun to guess around, didn't score too highly myself I must admit.

I wasn't going to fucking get "A cop, not a man" wrong though, I'd be damned if I did.


Ops, spoiler! Sorry!!

Holy cow! This is awesome! I'm honored that one of my faces got into this! Thank you! :3