Reviews for "Faces of 2012"

decent game, but i wish i could see at least one person who didn't conform to the dubstep faggery. So fuckin annoying.

TomFulp responds:

Sorry, I liked it but I know I gotta make room for some other genres. I've been getting back into industrial for some of the games I'm working on now.

Too hard. I couldn't even remember all of those things. At least I got 1 medal.

It's a good game, but it needs a back button to go back to main menu incase u want to switch modes

TomFulp responds:

I was worried people might accidentally click it during a long quiz... Will keep it in mind on the next update!

This Game is good.But I finding is differnt.

Link: Wow what are all those heads

Gwonam: These are the faces of 2012 you must conquer each

Link: I guess I'd better get the medals

Ok, after the CD-i joke there is only one thing to say...

This game is AWESOME

TomFulp responds:

Thanks for bringing a CD-i reference to the party!