Reviews for "Faces of 2012"

Dude, it was fricking unbelievable how hard this game is! I got the first one which was just Pico, down very easily. Apart from that, this game was Hell! It is kind of interesting to see a game with medals that doesn't have to do with Halloween or horror or anything like that. I thought I knew my characters! I guess this at least makes me feel better about getting better grades on actual quizzes and tests.

Well, some of them are easier, so I'll give you credit for that. The drawings in this are really well done. I didn't know Lilg was so good at drawing other characters. I like the music and know that I have heard it before. It's just one screen, but it's still a well detailed game!

yay got them all ^-^
nice quiz 5/5

Yay, 21%. Guess I don't spend enough time on NG, I'll go study. Fun quiz.

haha i only got 47%.

20%...fuck.....anyways great game Tom! i didnt know you could make one of the best games! (loljk)