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Reviews for "Paint It"

Not too bad, the music worked quite well and i liked the sliding puzzle element, but the clock is so fudged up, it jumped from 120ish to 643 in the space of a few seconds.

Not too bad. This was a nice take on both the sliding puzzles you see in some RPGs and on fill-in-all-the-squares puzzles.
This game would benefit from a pause key, though. Preferably, one that hides the puzzle when it is used so that players can't cheat and try to plan their route while the clock is stopped.
It would also help if you had players press a key to go on to the next area instead of automatically going on to the next area, because then players absolutely will be ready when they start each map and won't be caught off guard. Admittedly, this is a short game, so these are relatively small issues, but you should consider it for any future games that you produce.
Great work, and I hope to see more interesting games from you!

This game is okay. Maybe add some medals.

My hears!! Where is the volume button... damn it

Anyway, it's pretty good... Not a nice game that will get far, but hey, it's not bad.

very fun game, and a great way to kill time.