Reviews for "Damian : The Hellevator"

Good game,but revelation medal is broken. When I earned it,it showed me that I unlocked it but it doesn't show that I have it.

But still good game,4.5 stars! I love these kind of games.

Make more games 53xy83457! You are the best guy in Newgrounds!

I LOVE THIS GAME! One of my favorite things is when you beat hell mode that guy starts randomly singing.

Its a nice game and all, but the hardest part is in hell mode on the reaper boss, you can't kill it because there is a bunch of random objects swinging at you and you dont know where it is going to be or what it is going to be...

Good job on the game though!

The best part was with Hellraiser and his box :D

I hope the song is Gangnam Style