Reviews for "Flightless"

Great job!

No lag , No glitches , Non repetitive , Simple rules , complex puzzles, Easy input. I control the character instead of him controlling me and Simple codes
High Quality Graphics , filling effects.
I have no problem with this game.
This game is perfect. I must study this game and FAV.

Really good job, I'm a big fan of your games, I love original stuff that i never seen before.

Wow! I love all of your games, but this one really strays from your path in a good way! You always have lots of levels, and in this, it's not levels, it's an actual adventure! I'm definitely voting for this on steam greenlight!

As being an nitrome's game, I am not surprised by the great concept and idea of the game. But I don't know why, I can't "feel" the nitrome essence, don't know if its because of the graphics or what. Yet, good game, and good lucky on greenlight.