Reviews for "Reverie"

Controls are responsive and harmonize well with the game environment. I almost got stumped on the last level, but a little logic and perseverance go a long way. Great job, it's a really well made little game.

This was so worth the experience. Thank you for yet another good twist on dimension switching/thinking outside the box on a platformer puzzle game! Finding out how dreams affect reality (and how they don't) made it more than just a "change layers to continue" style game.

Awesome game! Difficult, but, with a bit of thinking, far from impossible.

The only thing i don't get is the ending. What the heck is up with that?

I really take this as a unique pierce of arts!
The music is immertive, the artwork is attaching and the end was unique for me.
please made more!

Words of an avid gamer.

Beat it first try. But Got stuck on the room with 1 wooden box then tried different stuff and finally got it. I liked the gun turrets. Plus I liked the rocket sky ending. It was an amazing experience. Dreams really do come true if we take steps toward them.