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Reviews for "Clean Keyboard"

This Part at 1:35 is pure eargasm! Very well done!

Semaphore responds:

Wow thank you very much Skullbeatz =) I listen to your songs almost every day especially your Level 8 song and was wondering if I can make a cover of it?

Cheers ^_^

Nice track!

I like the way you've combined the different genres together, I think it works really well.
You're ambient tracks are fantastic also, but it's nice to hear something a bit more upbeat once in a while.

Semaphore responds:

Yeah think so too =) Thank you very much Nitrocore

Ending was kinda confusing, i was expecting outburst of energy: exploding mountains and flying dragons, rainbows across the sky over the victory flags. But instead it went :"that was a good one, let's end this (do it one more time)"
Yet 5/5, not dropping the bar of awesomness and still, somehow, improving.
Incredible, mood setting track.

Semaphore responds:

that's what I thought =D thank you very much ;)

Love it! i just cant stop listening, your'e great :)

Semaphore responds:

Thank you very much =)

A clean keyboard eh? Sounds brand new! This track is so awesome, I'll put it on loop forever. That's how much I like this track. Love songs that have electronic, so you have stolen my ears. Also, whatever you're doing, keep doing it no matter how much you don't know what you're doing. You'll inspire some people such as myself to create music! Kinda digressed, so I'll stop by saying amazing job.

Semaphore responds:

I'm glad to hear I can inspire people. Thank you very much Polaroid7