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Reviews for "Clean Keyboard"

The tune in the beginning sounds a bit like Stereo Madness. (I was forced to listen to it every time I played Geometry Dash.)
BTW do you use FL?

Semaphore responds:

I searched for Stereo Madness on Youtube I didn't meant to copy it in any way I think it's even another chord progression. I use FL Studio- Thank you very much lyimin01

Very inspiring peace like its almost got a "Look how far we've come" Kind of feel

Semaphore responds:

And we did came far =)

Very nice and easy to listen to. Has a soothing quality about it.

Semaphore responds:

Thank you very much OwlbertEinstein

Ending was kinda confusing, i was expecting outburst of energy: exploding mountains and flying dragons, rainbows across the sky over the victory flags. But instead it went :"that was a good one, let's end this (do it one more time)"
Yet 5/5, not dropping the bar of awesomness and still, somehow, improving.
Incredible, mood setting track.

Semaphore responds:

that's what I thought =D thank you very much ;)

Nice track!

I like the way you've combined the different genres together, I think it works really well.
You're ambient tracks are fantastic also, but it's nice to hear something a bit more upbeat once in a while.

Semaphore responds:

Yeah think so too =) Thank you very much Nitrocore